PYXI helps you keep your business co-ordinated.

Log into PYXI at the beginning of the day, dip in and out PYXI as you're working to record your notes and information. Even get notification from PYXI that a key record you're waiting for has changed.

PYXI is an online solution. As long as you have web access, you can access your business information, so any quick ideas and notes you need to write can be quickly added to PYXI from wherever you are, whenever you need to add them. 

Summary features: 

  • assign and manage tasks
  • set up “watches”
  • manage projects / jobs
  • define custom fields and calculations - e.g. commission on a sale
  • always running - every hour, every day
  • log-in from any browser - any office, any location
  • access from mobile devices
  • modern, intuitive interface and navigation

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