#ukGDPRtogether LogoWe set up the #ukGDPRtogether hashtag on Twitter because we believe it's only when everyone involved pulls together to help UK small businesses that they'll get the support they need to become #GDPR compliant. Small businesses need support from all of us to implement GDPR; IT businesses, recruitment and HR companies, legal advisors, training providers, outsourced services, and more.

We know as a GDPR software provider that we can't supply all the answers to businesses who are trying to grapple with GDPR. We refer to other local businesses to help complete the picture.

We want to build a network of businesses who share this approach to solving the problems of GDPR through working together. You can follow our progress here #ukGDPRtogether.

Join Us

We'll be listing other businesses that share our co-operative attitude to GDPR compliance here. If you'd like to join us, follow us on Twitter and drop us an email and we'll put your website details and a one line bio on this page for you.