How to use PYXI to manage your HR records

Published on: 24th September 2014

As a small business, one of the early administration burdens you'll face is management of your personnel records.

PYXI business management software offers a competitive alternative to expensive and stand-alone HR software (and to your existing spreadsheets!)

[SLIDESHOW uploaded_images: HR_1.jpg;Keep secure and safe employee records,HR_2.jpg;Store the range of files and information that makes sense for you,HR_3.jpg;Find employee information quickly and record communications,HR_4.jpg;Even manage potential recruits]

You'll find it very easy to keep secure and safe records of your employees' details. As well as holding all the typical contact and job role data, your employee directory can have any number of fields to your exact requirements, for instance:-

  1. key dates - date started, appraisal dates*, place of work 
  2. statistics - holiday allowance / usage, absence
  3. emergency contact details
  4. contract type and key terms
  5. details of remuneration and benefits
  6. details of employment history
  7. reasons why people joined or left much or as little as you want to add. Visibility of such data can be restricted to a specific group in your company.

*An article here about setting up an appraisal process based on high performance behaviours

PYXI will store all the files and documents related to staff, and help you find the information quickly. You can store CVs, training administration records and personal development plans. You can also record notes of key contacts and communications with staff.

Applying Tags to different groups of employees can be useful too - for example, you can tag someone as a previous or existing employee. You could even build a list of prospective employees and store their details in the system to help manage your recruitment process.

Why not try PYXI for your HR? (There are many other areas of your business that should benefit too).

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