Making GDPR compliance simpler for UK businesses

PYXI provides a useful and straight-forward software for managing GDPR compliance in the UK. We're focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses, community groups, not-for-profits, small charities, membership associations and sole traders to get a clear handle on their GDPR responsibility without the fuss and worry.


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Nigel Dahl, MD PYXI Group.

PYXI for GDPR software allows you to document your journey to GDPR compliance. PYXI will guide you through the issues you need to consider and document, and help you to keep track of any aspects of data protection that you need to improve. PYXI has a built-in Subject Access Request management system to track your actions and manage your responses when these requests arrive. PYXI also contains a Data Breach management system to help guide, structure and document your response if you have a Data Breach in your organisation.


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GDPR Software Specifically Designed for Small UK Businesses

We understand the demands on small businesses and know that GDPR is another thing to worry about. PYXI is designed to reduce the worry, simplify the effort and make the compliance journey easier to follow.

Article 30 GDPR records management - PYXI for GDPR

PYXI for GDPR helps you achieve GDPR compliance in a simple, intuitive and cost-effective way by providing solutions for the following regulatory challenges:

  • User-friendly workflows to help you build and maintain your records of processing of personal data
  • Making your Subject Access Request management process easier
  • In the unfortunate event you have a Personal Data Breach, we provide tools to help you efficiently manage and report the incident

Don't treat GDPR compliance as a burden - use it as an opportunity to build customer trust and brand reputation.

Making GDPR Simple For Small Businesses

PYXI respect that as a small businesses you may not have the internal staff resources to solve your GDPR compliance issues. PYXI for GDPR removes the complexity of solving GDPR compliance challenges, freeing up your time to focus on driving your business. Click to read more...


Key Features of PYXI for GDPR

PYXI for GDPR uses "wizards" to guide you through your GDPR compliance journey. With simple dashboards and workflows you can quickly audit and capture your use of Personal Data, and manage Subject Access Requests and Data Breaches using the integrated tools.

Article 30 Record Keeping

Did you know that, under Article 30 of the GDPR, you might may have a mandatory requirement to maintain a record of all personal data processing activities under your responsibility?​ Click to read more...


Subject Access Requests

Does your organisation have a defined process for dealing with Subject Access Requests? Are you aware that the GDPR provides individuals additional rights to their personal data? Click to read more...

Breach Notification

Many Information Security professionals believe that data breach is an inevitable outcome that organisations will experience - it's no longer a case of "IF" but "WHEN". PYXI for GDPR provides confidence to small businesses that, in the event of a personal data breach, they have the tools at their disposal to manage the Breach Notification process in a simple and efficient manner. Click to read more...