Using PYXI to manage your customers

Published on: 7th November 2014

Managing your relationships with customers is a critical task for any small business.

You've probably heard of or come across CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as a tool to help.

We're strong believers in the appropriate use of technology in small businesses - and blogged about the benefits of CRM here - but also find that many of the CRM solutions out there squarely fit into the 'hammer to crack a nut' category.

The main issues are:-

  1. CRM can be expensive for what you get. Many offerings were originally targeted at big business and are designed accordingly. 
  2. hidden costs - lowest price / entry level systems often charge additional amounts for added functionality (even if you're using only a fraction of it)
  3. over-complicated - you can be forced into a 'way of working' that doesn't really suit your business. 
  4. hard to implement - with the danger that you don't get real benefits for a long time. 

PYXI business management software offers a competitive alternative to expensive CRM software.  PYXI has the core functionality you'll need to manage your customers without all the overheads of complexity. You can be up and running very quickly.

[SLIDESHOW uploaded_images: CRM_1.jpg;Keep secure and safe customer records,CRM_2.jpg;Store all your customer files and information,CRM_3.jpg;Record communications and set follow-up actions,CRM_4.jpg;Manage your pipeline of opportunities,crm_5.jpg;Capture web enquiries straight into PYXI]

You'll find it very easy to keep secure and safe records of your customers 'details. You can, of course, maintain all the 'usual' contact data. Plus you can add any number of 'custom' fields to capture stuff that is specific to your business. For instance, if you're provided IT services, you might want to input information about each customer's technology platform or the last time you updated their server. 

PYXI will store all the files and documents related to customers and help you find the information quickly. You can store quotes / proposals, contracts and other documents You can also record notes of key contacts and communications with customers.

Applying Tags to different groups of companies can be useful too - for example, you can tag a company as a previous or current client, or apply tags that identify key or repeat customers. You could build a list of target customers and store opportunities in the system to help manage your business development pipeline. Equally, you could build a list of old contacts and re-market to them, using PYXI's task management features to keep on top of actions.

PYXI can even help you capture leads and support requests from your website. Data you collect from forms is passed straight into the app, making it easy to follow up immediately.

Contact us and we can talk you through the benefits and how it could work for your business.

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PYXI CRM Team: 7th Nov 2014 09:00:00