Here comes the flood! (with free business continuity template...)

Published on: 10th October 2014

Business continuity might not be the most interesting subject in the world, but it is important. 

Having watched the floodwaters rise again this week, we were inspired to share a template for planning for the worst - click on the image to download. We left the content in place for 'flooding' as an example. These sort of documents, of course, are never going to set the world alight, but may just prove their worth if something unpleasant happens.





PYXI software can help directly in mitigating the damage from a business continuity risk, because:-

  1. all your business information is securely stored in the "cloud" - and backed up.
  2. your employees can continue to work with PYXI if they're in a home office, on the move, or in the local coffee shop.
  3. there's a single source of information which will continue to be accessible when you need it: for example, all your employee contact details on your mobile phone if you need to tell people not to come into the office.

You can even set up PYXI to make it very easy to follow your business continuity planning.

For example, the table of contacts in the attached template goes straight into PYXI, so that you can immediately find all the contacts to deal with the immediate steps in an emergency and the follow-up actions too.

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PYXI CRM Team: 10th Oct 2014 09:00:00