Black Cat Sandwich

Published on: 11th June 2014

Of all the personality types out there, the Black Cat is one of the hardest ones to deal with.

You know the sort: if you've seen a black cat, he's seen a blacker one.

If you have a black cat in your business, it's unlikely you feel too lucky as everyone else will be completely fed up working with him. (It's almost certainly a 'him').

Dealing with him? Well, it's important to identify the subspecies first. There are two general types:-

  1. The overconfident black cat. This is the common variety. They simply have an overinflated view of their own abilities. Easy to manage using the black cat sandwich technique. Namely, address their faults indirectly by always sandwiching between positive statements. ("Dave, you did a great job in that sales meeting. Didn't actually sell anything. But overall I think it went well"). Repeated frequently enough this method appears to percolate through to the subconscious cat brain and drives corrective behaviour.
  2. The narcissistic black cat. Rare. View of their own abilities extends to delusions-of-grandeur proportions. Identifiable by the concurrent need to self-promote AND put others down (for this cat, it is not enough to be seen as good at something, all others need to be seen as bad at the same time). Do not try and put in a sandwich- you'll be toast. Professional support or P45 advised.

Hope it helps!!

PYXI CRM Team: 11th Jun 2014 09:00:00