How to get your business documentation in shape

Published on: 27th May 2014

We blogged recently about the way you might deal with an unsolicited approach from a prospective buyer.

If a company sale is anywhere near to being on your radar, it's not too early to get prepared - including getting your house-in-order regarding all your company documentation. When you finally get to a due diligence process, you are going to need to produce almost everything you can imagine - from regulatory books to share registers, from employee contracts to company handbooks, from property leases to customer work orders to tax returns.

PYXI can definitely help you in the due diligence process itself, providing a secure online platform to collate your business information. And needless to say, any actions you take now will help in that later process.

Even if you have no current plans to sell, of course it is sensible to ensure storing, finding and using your business information is as easy as possible. As well as being better prepared for many eventualities (e.g. company sale, management change, employee departure), there are potentially significant customer service and productivity benefits in the near-term.

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PYXI CRM Team: 27th May 2014 09:00:00