Free risk register

Published on: 21st May 2014

Here's a Risk Register spreadsheet that we've used on numerous projects, initially developed whilst working with a really good programme management consultancy.

Please feel free to download.

You can use the register to keep an eye on risks and issues, to make them more visible and ensure that corrective actions are being taken. Depending on how you are managing on your projects, you might play with the formats so that you can use this as part of your status reporting.

Some tips on usage:

  1. there's an example included in the pack (from the M&A industry)
  2. add a new risk / issue by copying the formulae from row 7 and completing your data entry
  3. use the filters to show or hide the data - e.g. use to show open items only
  4. use the probability and impact settings to determine severity - the spreadsheet adds some colour-coding for you.

Hoping the download is of some help.  Please let us know if you make any great changes!

Incidentally, you could easily implement something very similar to this directly in PYXI if you prefer to eliminate the spreadsheets!

PYXI CRM Team: 21st May 2014 09:00:00