Free excel template to summarise a project

Published on: 28th April 2014

Getting projects mobilised properly and consistently can be a pain - and communicating what a project is trying to achieve is tricky too if they are all controlled differently.

A good place to start is to define a 'Project on a Page' summary - you can download a simple but effective project summary sheet for Excel here. There are two tabs inside the spreadsheet - a blank template and an example completed template (from a company sale project).

Let us know if it's useful!

With PYXI, you can go a lot further in how you administrate your projects.

You can define the exact fields on a project record that your company needs, so that you routinely capture precisely the information you want and nothing more. This might include information on scope or deliverables, as in the template, but you could also add dynamic measures such as project value or status.

As your project progresses, PYXI links together the notes, files and information about the project, so it's really easy to store, find and use what you need, when you need it. For instance, the initial proposal, project plans and project collateral will all be stored alongside the project and alongside communications with the customer - all to be shared with the members of the team.

PYXI has effective categorisation features too - so for instance you could tag all your web-site development projects with a 'Web Development' tag, making similar projects very easy to find.

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PYXI CRM Team: 28th Apr 2014 09:00:00