Two things to avoid when naming your start-up

Published on: 29th April 2014

We've had a few queries ourselves about our own name recently ... why are you called PYXI?

It's derived from the Latin "pyxis" - these were vessels used in ancient times for storing important things (like jewellery). 

The name reflects how PYXI software helps you to store, find and use your important business information, saving time to spend on things that matter more than business admin! 

We're also reasonably happy that PYXI is a name that doesn't break our two key tips for naming your new business:-

  1. don't use your given name (or village / town name) in the company name. 
  2. don't make the name too prescriptive. There are some advantages to your name describing what you offer, but the benefits of "what it says in the tin" will only survive while the contents of the tin remain unchanged.


PYXI CRM Team: 29th Apr 2014 09:00:00