5 things you should be talking about on a drumbeat weekly call

Published on: 28th April 2014

It doesn't matter whether you're a creative agency, a consulting business, a specialist retailer, [SEARCH construction] firm or a swimming pool installer... you need at least one co-ordination meeting or call a week to get your team focused and the right resources applied to the priorities.

If you seek rocket science, you can try NASA.

Otherwise, stick to our simple but proven agenda, which you can tailor for your sector/business.  We'd suggest the call is scheduled for the same time every week and attendance is mandatory (underlined three times).

1. update on new sales opportunities originated in the last week (to understand the source of new leads);

2. update on wins and losses in the last week (to understand any learning points);

3. review of good and hot prospects for new business (to co-ordinate any actions needed);

4. overview of status of current projects/jobs (to flag and respond to any issues or concerns);

5. update on marketing initiatives to new and existing contacts (to ensure any support needed is provided - e.g. case studies for work completed) and / or other key initiatives (e.g. recruitment).

6. AOB

Schedule an hour and stick to that as a maximum - if you're continually over-running, reduce the time horizon for #3 (e.g. review prospects due to close only in the near term) and/or make sure 4/5 are as focused as possible.

Interested to hear variations on the theme that are used out there!

Clearly, the above needs some decent datasets and tools to control of your pipeline of projects/jobs. A quick word on our agenda then (!) - we'd be delighted, of course, if you chose to use PYXI to store, find and use all the records needed to keep everything co-ordinated.

Contact us and we can talk you through the benefits and how it could work for your business.
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PYXI CRM Team: 28th Apr 2014 09:00:00