Using PYXI for Client Management In Creative Businesses

Published on: 23rd April 2014

In the creative industry, you don't want to waste time filling forms nor overburden your people with administration. Equally, you do want to provide a great service to your customers.

PYXI's powerful online software makes it easy to manage your clients and business admin.

PYXI stores all your records in a central place - with project files and records of work done for a customer all linked together. You can record contact notes for all your interactions with customers and use the easy find functionality in PYXI to get hold of their records quickly, helping to build up a friendly relationship with your customers.

PYXI aids collaboration and co-ordination across your business and can be used from anywhere, so it is easy to add that final contact note after a key client meeting.



PYXI CRM Team: 23rd Apr 2014 09:00:00