Do you ask for your customer referrals at the right time?

Published on: 2nd May 2014

An old sales adage suggests that once you have closed a deal, you should shut up and get out of town, before your client has time to have second thoughts.

Make the sale and get out of town

I learned this the hard way in Ireland - having agreed a major extension of an international programme of work, my team and I found ourselves on the same flights out as half the client team. Naturally, it turned to dinner, then to a sweepstake on the Champions League. I won that, so as well as breaking the 'shut up and ship out' rule, I also broke the rule of not taking money off clients in a bet.

I digress.  The old adage got me thinking : does this mean - logically - that straight after the deal is agreed is the time the client is the most happy and most secure in agreeing to use your services? Until some later point when the value you are delivering becomes apparent? 

In which case, why not ask them immediately post sale for referrals?

Try it - it definitely works - and let me know about your success!

If anyone has dared asked for a referral during the pitch or first meeting, be interested to hear if that works too.


PYXI CRM Team: 2nd May 2014 09:00:00