Warning: Feast and Famine

Published on: 6th May 2014

There are two compelling reasons to grow your business consistently:-

  1. on a short-term basis, maintaining a healthy pipeline of jobs and/or clients hugely destresses life - minimising the dreased 'feast and famine' in your business will definitely help you sleep at night
  2. on a longer-term basis, if you plan to sell your company eventually, the consistency of growth is an important component of valuation

So you need to create a sales engine. This engine is likely to have a number of components and may be hard to build, but the place to start is simple: create a drum-beat weekly meeting to review sales opportunities. 

Get started today, with a razor-like focus on making sure that all the actions you can take on your current opportunities are taken.

Over time, you can develop something that works optimally in your business - a sample agenda can be found here.

PYXI CRM Team: 6th May 2014 09:00:00