Do you make the mistake of waiting for the perfect product?

Published on: 6th May 2014

To take the boredom out of a long car journey over the Bank Holiday weekend, the family played an old favourite of a travel game. The rules are simple. Each of us takes our turn – then as cars pass on the other side of the road, we must select one of the next ten cars to be our own. If we haven’t selected by car number ten, then we automatically get that tenth car. Much amusement, particularly when the hoped-for sports car coming round the corner as car ten turns out to be a waste-water lorry.

So why is this is a small business advice blog article on PYXI’s website? There is an (admittedly tenuous) link to your company’s decision to take a product to market. When a small business or start-up develops new services and products, there is an overwhelming tendency to over-design or over-engineer, to launch with the “perfect” service/product.... which is to say, the “perfect” service / product you imagine your customers are seeking. In reality your customers might be perfectly happy with the product you already have, together with your commitment to develop it further and customise it to their need.

Perhaps you should just go ahead with the Ford Mondeo, rather than hoping for a Ferrari and ending up with a “poo truck”.


PS. one of my oldest friends (let’s call him Mike) confided in me that, as he’s walking round London, he plays a rather feeble version of the same game involving “Female Number 10”. I'll spare you the details. I’m not entirely convinced that this game is without its dangers, but Mike thinks is rather a clever premise underpinned by some very sophisticated mathematics.

PYXI CRM Team: 6th May 2014 09:00:00