6 benefits of CRM to small business

Published on: 14th October 2017

On occasion, we pick up a discussion about whether a small business should invest in technology - for example by implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

The logic of the 'No' argument for a small business is straight-forwards:-

  1. we're good as we are: we're agile, we're flexible, we know our customers already, we offer genuine customer support, we're a small team that communicates well; and / or 
  2. it's not designed for us: that sort of software is just for big, bureaucratic companies, we don't need the overhead of recording all that information about customers that we know already.

Whilst I can sympathise with both points, I'd argue that the balance has shifted dramatically in favour of taking the plunge. With the advent of Software-as-a-Service ('SaaS') delivery models, there is virtually no barrier to entry to a small company adopting a CRM system.

Adoption of CRM in a small business may offer many of the following advantages:-

  1. Web sales growth. Traffic to your website probably goes uncaptured. Most CRM systems allow you to capture leads directly from a form on your site into your sales funnel. 
  2. Reducing feast & famine. We've blogged a few times the critical need in a small business to maintain your sales pipeline. CRM systems provide functionality that allows sales pipeline management to be embedded in your organisation, minimising the risk of missing opportunities and focusing resources. 
  3. Building sales from past and current relationships. As described elsewhere in our blog, there is typically enormous uncaptured value in past and current relationships and clients. CRM offers the opportunity to add rigour to the process of managing your relationships. 
  4. Improving customer service. Ensuring everyone who needs to in your company has a full view of interactions with a customer can only enhance your service. Recording information, such as customer feedback, helps you take actions and deliver even better next time round. 
  5. Increasing productivity. Storing information once, finding it and using it quickly all enhance productivity. 
  6. Helping your people. Using CRM can be really helpful in getting new people up to speed as you grow, spreading the load, and make your company less vulnerable to people leaving (or even just being on holiday).

Monthly user costs are now comparable to a low to medium tariff mobile phone bill. On that basis, while your team might well be fantastic with customers, why wouldn't you provide them with a tool that supports and enhances this further? 

CRM is a business growth system which is now affordable to all firms, however small. You could be left seriously disadvantaged in competition without it.

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PYXI CRM Team: 14th Oct 2017 09:00:00