Speak with one voice, but lots of colours

Published on: 23rd January 2018

It is challenging to build an exciting and consistent identity for your company across today’s proliferation of channels. Particularly where you have a number of people engaging with customers and others, across the phone, email, social media and (even!) face-to-face.

Where lots of SMEs have adopted the (much derided but nonetheless helpful) practice of laying down values, vision and mission, much less common is to set out a policy on the company’s “tone of voice.” 

Here’s an example from a consulting company:

“Our tone of voice is clear and straightforward, succinct and to the point. We use accessible language, we omit consultant goobledegook. We communicate with energetic purpose.”

Personally, I’m not one hundred percent convinced by the third sentence, but the idea is clear and they report that it works!

A second idea they have is a bit more subtle. They plan to adopt “brand” colours – to be used across slide decks, marketing materials, their website and all other collateral. Used alongside simple black and white text, the colours are intended to reinforce their messages and drive engagement with staff and clients. For example, amongst their palette, they have “action red” and “results yellow”. So the action page of their report presentation is on bright red background, their case study results on yellow, for instance. All in a beautifully colour matched palette, of course.

The results are quite striking. Would love to hear your comments.




PYXI CRM Team: 23rd Jan 2018 09:00:00