Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Published on: 25th December 2018

In the midst of so many worries and concerns about personal data security and privacy we can get a little obsessed by the negative side of life sometimes. It's good, from time to time, to reflect on the reasons behind the issues we're concerned with.

DPA and GDPR and PECR and other data protection regulations and recommendations are there to take care of us, and try to protect us from harm.

While they sometimes feel a little abstract and theoretical, the reality of experiencing a serious data breach is tough and can affect your finance, health, family and future. We hope that we can contribute to improving the care we take of one another's digital personas, and reduce the harm that can arise from accidental or malicious data usage. We hope that 2019 will continue to see a rise in awareness and good practice in this area, and will do all we can to support this.

We hope that you have a peaceful and happy festive season.

PYXI GDPR Team: 25th Dec 2018 08:17:00