Don't Wait For A Disaster - Take Action Now

Published on: 3rd September 2018

Every day we are hearing about large scale data breaches and cyber security incidents affecting major organisations and government agencies. It is clear that these are just the tip of the iceberg, with many smaller businesses and individuals facing similar challenges, often unaided and without any plan in place to manage these events.

What is your Plan B?

There is wide agreement that data breaches are going to affect everyone and all businesses, it's just a matter of time. These can be very small "accidental" breaches, like open copying private emails in a group reply, or sharing files with the wrong recipient, or they can be larger events like a ransomware attack, server hacking or inadvertently installing a computer virus.

The best form of defence is to make sure you understand the risks in your business, and start taking steps to address them. Here's our starter checklist:

  1. Audit - Analyse and document your business IT and non-digital data stores. Where are things held? What do you store?
  2. Review - Check how and why the information is used and who has access.
  3. Secure - Make sure you have appropriate security measures in place to safeguard your devices and data. Antivirus, firewalls, backups, encryption can all play a part.
  4. Educate - Keep up to date with best practice, and threat awareness. Learn from the experts by reading advice from experts and consultants.
  5. Repeat - Schedule regular reviews of your procedures and systems. Check that they are up to date and that you are using the best forms of defence available. Keep learning.

By taking these steps you can reduce the risks to you and your business, and make sure you're able to respond quickly and effectively whenever you experience a cyber security incident or data breach.

PYXI for GDPR can help guide you through the analysis and audit of your systems and give you a clear structure for managing your business response to data security and cyber threat.

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PYXI GDPR Team: 3rd Sep 2018 10:02:00