Reporting of Nuisance Calls To ICO On The Rise

Published on: 31st August 2018

July 2018 saw another month-on-month rise in reports of nuisance calls to the Information Commissioner's Office. Recent stats published on their website show a 10% rise in reports compared to the previous month.

The sources of the nuisance calls were largely from three types of business: Accident Claims, Energy Supply & Home Improvements, and Broadband/Comms.

Currently the ICO is investigating 107 reports of data misuse from nuisance call complaints. The increase in reports is believed be related to the post-GDPR changes that have made it easier to report issues to the ICO (,uk/concerns), combined with an increased awareness of the potential illegality of data misuse. You can read more of their report here.

The Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR both give clear protection to individuals over their personal data. Explicit and provable consent is usually required before an organisation can contact you by phone. If you have concerns that your data has been misused in this way you can contact the Telephone Preference Service or the ICO directly. You may also invoke a Subject Access Request against the organisation contacting you, requiring them to provide details of all the information they have about you, and how they use it.

As a company making marketing calls, it is imperative that the data source is traceable and the consent to contact is clearly given. Evidence of the consent should be kept in case of investigation and complaint. Effective Subject Access Request management is essential as part of your GDPR compliance in these cases. PYXI for GDPR can help you to gain control and work towards compliance with these important pieces of legislation.

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PYXI GDPR Team: 31st Aug 2018 08:27:00