GDPR - So What?

Published on: 15th August 2018

Here at PYXI we hope you have enjoyed the wonderful weather we have experienced during the summer, the success of the World Cup as a sporting event and your opportunity to take a vacation if not preparing for one.

We are now 2 and 1/2 months beyond the GDPR implementation date and you might be thinking “so what?”, “a lot of hot air about nothing”, “why bother?”.

What you might not be aware of in those 2 and 1/2 months of lovely weather is that both Data Breach notifications AND Data Subject Access Requests have increased significantly compared to prior to 25th May 2018, which was the go-live date of the GDPR.

The ICO have been clear about their hiring budget – they are bringing more enforcement auditors on-board to deal with personal data abuse and their team will grow massively through 2019.

From our experience, regulations take a bit of time to “wake up” organisations to the fact that they need to implement appropriate compliance measures – before you know it it’s your company that’s being investigated.

Don’t become a target for ICO investigation because you think you are too small, too rural, irrelevant, hiding under the radar or are ignoring the need to become compliant – that’s a game of risk and if you lose that game you will suffer as a business.

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PYXI GDPR Team: 15th Aug 2018 10:21:00