CCTV - Your Data Protection Rights and Responsibilities

Published on: 2nd January 2019


"sets rules which CCTV operators must follow when they gather, store and release CCTV images of individuals. The Information Commissioner can enforce these rules."

This has been clearly seen in recent enforcement actions taken under the previous Data Protection Act. Fines were issued for non-registration and non-compliance in this recent case:

If you are a CCTV operator then the ICO has a clear message:

What must a CCTV operator do?

  • Make sure someone in the organisation has responsibility for the CCTV images, deciding what is recorded, how images should be used and who they should be disclosed to.
  • Have clear procedures on how to use the system and when to disclose information.
  • Make regular checks to ensure the procedures are followed.

As a member of the public you have the right to request material from CCTV footage.

"You have the right to see CCTV images of you and to ask for a copy of them. The organisation must provide them within 30 calendar days. This is called a Subject Access Request. You will need to provide details to help the operator to establish your identity as the person in the pictures, and to help them find the images on their system."

If you are using CCTV in your business, or you are worried about the misuse of CCTV, you can contact the ICO for further information.

PYXI GDPR Team: 2nd Jan 2019 11:15:00