Moving On From Spreadsheets For GDPR And DPA18

Published on: 3rd August 2018

Many small businesses' initial response to GDPR compliance was to search for free spreadsheet templates through Google. We know this because of the traffic we've seen on our site to the Free GDPR Templates that we're offering. It has always been clear to us however that a GDPR template spreadsheet is just a start, and any business who is serious about addressing compliance is going to need more appropriate tools to continue to keep on a compliant pathway. This is why we created PYXI for GDPR.

Spreadsheets ARE great. They're super for lists, amazing for numerical analysis and charting, and pivot tables, formulae and lookups are simply brilliant. However they do struggle with text data. As soon as a column has text in, unless it's from a "pick list" of pre-set choices, it's impossible to do any meaningful analysis and reporting. Instead of seeing aggregated data in the report, you just see another view of the same long list of text.

Creating a Big Picture View of Your GDPR/DPA18* Compliance

So we see the use of spreadsheets for GDPR/DPA18 as being great to gather information about what types of people's data you process, and for listing out the places you store things, and checking who has access, and why... but to try and join these different things in a spreadsheet? - it just isn't going to happen.

This is why we built our GDPR software, PYXI. It takes all this information and links it all together to make it easy to see everything working together:

  • So if you want to see all the places you're storing Customer records, click the link. There they are.
  • Or if you want to see all the places you store Sensitive Category data, click the link, and you can see them all.
  • If you want to see what's stored on a device, click and view.
  • If you want to see who controls the data, click and view.
  • On top of this PYXI can store your third party processors' data protection information too, showing where the gaps are in your compliance network.

DPA18 / GDPR Compliance Status Reporting

PYXI generates a fully interative, multi-dimensional model of your business data and allows you to inspect and monitor it from any angle. If you add in security and device descriptions you can also see your business' cyber security profile as well as data protection status.

So if you're realising that your first response spreadsheets are starting to frustrate you, or creak at the seams, sign up for PYXI for GDPR and let us transform your hard work into a powerful tool for managing your business' compliance.

You can sign up to PYXI for GDPR for just £19+VAT per month by clicking here.

*DPA18 is the Data Protection Act 2018

PYXI GDPR Team: 3rd Aug 2018 07:45:00