Business Startup Checklists - Getting Things Sorted From Day 1

Published on: 9th January 2019

If you are starting a new business, you'll find endless checklists to help make sure you think of everything.  Here's a quick (not exhaustive!) admin list to start with:

1. Company Registration
2. Open a Bank Account
3. Register for VAT
4. Register for PAYE / EIN number
5. Sort out Insurance cover including Public and Employers' Liability
6. Register a Domain Name
7. Build a website and social media presence

However, be aware that many of these checklists won't be completely up-to-date - and there's a new game in town to think about -

8. Data Compliance
  a) Register with Information Commissioner's Office
  b) Document your Personal Data usage by software system and device
  c) Be ready to deal with Subject Access Requests or Data Breaches

You will almost certainly have heard of GDPR already, which for existing businesses can be a bit of a headache, as there are potential legacy issues everywhere - old hardware, old versions of software, legacy databases etc. But you are in the fortunate position of starting with a clean sheet of paper - so now is the time to start off with a robust Data Compliance approach from the beginning.  Make sure that everything you do is compliant and documented now, and you will avoid any GDPR 'compliance headaches' down the line.

PYXI for GDPR can help you to be and to stay compliant from the beginning, removing one more headache from the challenges that you will face as you progress with your new business venture.

Best of luck!

PYXI GDPR Team: 9th Jan 2019 09:06:00