You May Be GDPR Compliant, But Are You Still At Risk?

Published on: 12th November 2018

It is tempting to think that once you have your website privacy/cookies sorted and your mailing list consent buttoned down you're home and dry with GDPR, but it is really just the start. Don't be daunted though. It can be a perfect opportunity to tackle some bigger issues and risks that may be lurking in your business and threatening your future success.

GDPR Software provides audits that can mitigate business disaster

When the dust has settled and you've worked out what personal data you're processing, what and where it's stored and who has access, you've probably uncovered a whole lot of devices and data stores that are rarely given much attention - that "spare" laptop, the demonstration tablet, the old PC, the "accounts" computer, etc. - and you might have realised that some of these devices are dangerously unmanaged. They may be ancient, they may be without current security software, they may have no backups, their data may be unsecured and unencrypted.

Avoiding Disaster

Imagine what would happen if the PC broke, the laptop was stolen, the accounts computer crashed? Could your business survive the disaster that would ensue? Could you continue to run your business without it? How long would it take to recover?

The audit process in our GDPR Software automatically helps you identify areas of risk in your IT equipment, and makes recommendations to help you to stay secure and resilient.

Identifying and actively managing these risks means you're less likely to experience a serious data breach, and reduces the likelihood of you experiencing severe business disruption. Additionally, any breaches you do experience will be easier to identify and manage, and should be less disastrous in their impact.

Using our PYXI for GDPR software will give you the benefit of improving your GDPR security and compliance AND give you a structure for managing your IT device risks too, two of the largest (often overlooked) risk factors to all businesses in the UK.

GDPR: don't leave it at cookies and privacy - get a proper grip on your your business security and continuity planning, and drive down the risks to your business today.

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PYXI GDPR Team: 12th Nov 2018 09:00:00