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Published on: 25th June 2018

One month in from the GDPR becoming law in the UK, what does Jon Sloper of PYXI Group make of its impact on UK business?

"The initial furore of privacy consent emails for marketing has now died down, and the realisation is settling in that GDPR is actually more than just email consent, but there's still a widespread lack of understanding of the nuts and bolts of the new regulations, and how UK businesses should actually respond to them."

"UK businesses are crying out for practical, 'nitty gritty' help with how GDPR impacts their particular situation."

"New questions and use-cases are springing up faster than the ICO can publish new guides and clarifications, but at the core we believe ALL businesses need to be taking a few critical steps to start their compliance journey."

"The best starting point is to know your own data. Mapping your data use, and identifying who has access to the personal data in your organisation is the foundation for GDPR."

PYXI's GDPR software takes you through this process in a simple step-by-step guide.

Once the foundation is in place it becomes easier to manage the two biggest challenges of GDPR: Subject Access Requests and Data Breach Notifications.

"We believe that by having clearly mapped out the data use in your organisation, you'll immediately be able to identify where data is held about a person, and who may be affected by any request or breaches that occur. This will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes you to respond, and help to reduce the worry about what you need to do."

The GDPR software has a built-in process for managing Subject Access Requests (SARs) and Data Breach Notifications, and gives step by step guidance on how to handle each issue.

"Although PYXI will be extremely useful when dealing with Data Breaches and SARs, we also know that the software can help more widely in the business too. PYXI can help to identify any gaps and weaknesses in IT security and systems that could lead to catastrophic business failure. Identifying these and fixing them will make the whole business more robust and resilient."

"We believe that GDPR compliance is a journey and PYXI's GDPR software can provide a clear map for reaching the destination."

PYXI GDPR Team: 25th Jun 2018 09:51:00