#ukGDPRtogether - working together for GDPR Compliance

Published on: 18th June 2018

There is no magic solution to GDPR compliance for small businesses in the UK. We supply software that can help manage data record-keeping, Subject Access Requests and Data Breach, but we know there's lots of other things that we can't do. We can't install encryption and end-point-protection onto PCs and laptops. We can't advise on updating HR contracts and data protection training. We can't provide you with tailored contracts for your services to your clients with applicable GDPR  / data protection clauses. These areas, and many others, are the domain of other experts in the field of GDPR; lawyers, IT and comms service providers, training companies, recruitment and HR agencies, GDPR consultants, and many others.

For UK businesses to become fully GDPR compliant, we all need to work together.

We want to encourage referrals to other businesses that provide GDPR services where they're needed, and who recognise like us, that - what we can't do alone we can achieve together.

If you agree with our ideas then do join us on Twitter, and check out our #ukGDPRtogether web page for more information.


PYXI GDPR Team: 18th Jun 2018 09:32:00