Free GDPR Compliance Template 3 - Data Processors

Published on: 6th June 2018

Although we obviously would like you to use our software to manage your GDPR compliance as we think it's going to be ultimately easier to use, more comprehensive and more flexible, we also know that you may just want to get things rolling by starting small. We've written 3 Free GDPR Compliance Templates for you to download here and start using right away.

They're designed to help you capture a snapshot of all the personal data you process and document where and what you store, and who else processes the data on your behalf.

Template 3 - Free GDPR Data Processors Template

Click here to download our Free GDPR Compliance Template to record all your Data Processors.

This spreadsheet will help you identify all the third party organisations that process data on your behalf. 

This includes organisations that provide you with business services; like email, accounting, websites, ecommerce and so on. Anyone who you share the Personal Data in your business with can be recorded and profiled, recording whether they are GDPR compliant along with contact details in case you need to engage their help with handling a Data Breach or a Subject Access Request.

If you'd like to take this record-keeping further, then do sign up for our software. In addition to the record-keeping that it provides, it also has a process management system for handling Data Breaches and Subject Access Requests. You can read more about PYXI for GDPR here.

PYXI GDPR Team: 6th Jun 2018 07:56:00