Free GDPR Compliance Template 1 - Data Storage

Published on: 4th June 2018

Although we obviously would like you to use our software to manage your GDPR compliance as we think it's going to be ultimately easier to use, more comprehensive and more flexible, we also know that you may just want to get things rolling by starting small. We've written 3 Free GDPR Compliance Templates for you to download here and start using right away.

They're designed to help you capture a snapshot of all the personal data you process and document where and what you store, and who else processes the data on your behalf.

Template 1 - Free GDPR Data Compliance Data Storage Template

Click here to download our Free GDPR Compliance Template to record all your Data Stores.

This spreadsheet will allow you to list and describe all the places you store personal data in your business. This includes devices and software, including online / cloud storage locations. 

The template gives you a structure to list what is stored on each device / software product or service. It also challenges you to describe the data security you have in place in each instance. You can also store the third party details of organisations you use to process data, like Google and Sage.

Once you've completed Template 1, you can download our Free GDPR Compliance Template for Data Profiling.

PYXI GDPR Team: 4th Jun 2018 07:39:00