Start a Checklist - Getting Underway with GDPR

Published on: 28th May 2018

If you're still worried about how to start your GDPR compliance journey, don't worry, you're not alone.

As with any new legislation there's a lot to digest, and it can be tricky to work out what exactly applies to you; there's so much information and fake news around (and buckets of scary stories and hype) that the situation is more confusing than helpful. Working out what YOU should be doing from all this information requires infinite patience and limitless concentration.

We've been thinking hard about how to make it easier; breaking it down into a few small steps. Here's the first:

One Small Step

Obviously we think our GDPR Compliance software would help, and encourage you to sign up for it here, but if you've a pencil and paper you can make a start now without it.

List all the places that may contain personal data in your organisation. Think about:

  • software on your computers or server
  • apps and online services (like MailChimp, Google Docs, your website, etc.)
  • file stores and storage devices (e.g. your server or computers)
  • plus "offline" storage like filing cabinets, folders, and archives.

Write them all down and whenever you come across a new one, or remember one you'd forgotten (usually when they request a service renewal) then add it to your list.

You can use our Free Downloadable Templates if you like, simply click here.

OK. That's it. Step One is done. Congratulations! You're off the start line and on your way to GDPR compliance.

(We'll be sharing more of these bitesized steps in the coming weeks... sign up to our newsletter to hear about them as they're published.)

PYXI GDPR Team: 28th May 2018 09:39:00