PYXI for GDPR is The Small Business App for Managing GDPR Compliance

Published on: 31st May 2018

PYXI for GDPR allows you to document your journey to GDPR compliance. PYXI will guide you through the issues you need to consider and document, and help you to keep track of any aspects of data protection that you need to improve. PYXI has a built-in Subject Access Request management system to track your actions and manage your responses when these requests arrive. PYXI also contains a Data Breach management system to help guide, structure and document your response if you have a Data Breach in your organisation.


  • GDPR Compliance Record-Keeping
  • Subject Access Request Management
  • Data Breach Management

You can be up-and-running in minutes, defining and documenting your data, identifying and monitoring your compliance risks, and taking control of your GDPR compliance journey.

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Article 30 Record Keeping

Your records can also be exported as a central part of your Article 30 record keeping. You can review your data at any time, adding information about usage, security and third party Data Processors, all of which contribute to your records for Article 30.

Subject Access Requests and Data Breach Management

PYXI can also help manage your Subject Access Requests, keeping track of what's been requested and all your responses. It will even help you identify where data might be stored if you need to collect and assess data held on a particular Data Subject.

Should you experience a data breach it can also help to manage the response and disclosure process, helping to identify affected systems and software, and the likely Data Subjects who may have been impacted.

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PYXI GDPR Team: 31st May 2018 08:17:00