My whole business is run on paper-based records, why should I care about GDPR?

Published on: 9th May 2018

PYXI appreciate that many small businesses run their whole business in a paper-based fashion - imagine the scene of folders full of paper documents occupying multiple shelves.

The questions that PYXI would pose are:

  1. How do you respond to Subject Access Requests in a timely fashion?
  2. What happens if someone steals the folder containing the personal data of all your customers - this is a Data Breach situation, how do you deal with it?

If you are not in a favourable position to deal with the above 2 scenarios you could be putting yourself at risk of a visit from the supervisory authority, who may uncover additional compliance issues related to GDPR which could adversely affect the reputation of your brand.

We advise that you think very clearly about these scenarios and build it into your individual compliance plan for GDPR.




PYXI GDPR Team: 9th May 2018 15:03:00