Making GDPR Simple For Small Businesses

PYXI respect that as a small businesses you may not have the internal staff resources to solve your GDPR compliance issues.

PYXI are passionate about solving problems for smaller businesses in a pragmatic manner.

That is why we have built a GDPR compliance solution which does not require specialist skills in order to use it.

PYXI for GDPR - The Dashboard

PYXI allows you to navigate simply between your Article 30 Records, Subject Access Request management, Data Breach management and a checklist view of your GDPR Compliance Records.

PYXI for GDPR - Welcome Screen

PYXI for GDPR removes the complexity of solving GDPR compliance challenges, freeing up your time to focus on driving your business.

Sign up now for PYXI for GDPR - only £19+VAT per month.

More Detail about PYXI Software for GDPR

Keeping Track of Personal Data in your Organisation

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Managing Subject Access Requests

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Managing Data Breaches for GDPR

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