Features of PYXI for GDPR

PYXI for GDPR uses "wizards" to guide you through your GDPR compliance journey. With simple dashboards and workflows you can quickly audit and capture your use of Personal Data, and manage Subject Access Requests and Data Breaches using the integrated tools.

PYXI for GDPR welcome screen

PYXI's online software can be accessed wherever you can log onto the internet. The first time you log in you'll be taken through a simple series of questions about your organisation's Personal Data usage. These wizards form the core of your Article 30 record-keeping, which captures what, why and where you process personal data, and identifies whose data you're processing.

The dashboard, shown above is your gateway to updating and completing these records, and also provides your starting point for Subject Access Request management, and Data Breach management.

Article 30 records management with PYXI for GDPR

The simple dashboard design shows you what you need to do to progress on your journey to compliance. It prompts you for the information is needed, and shows you your progress so far.

SAR Managament with PYXI for GDPR

When you receive a Subject Access Request, PYXI for GDPR takes you through the processes involved in effectively managing your response, step by step.

Data Breach management with PYXI for GDPR

And PYXI for GDPR has a similar guided process to help you should you have a Data Breach. The wizards take you through a managed response, one step at a time, and help you to handle the breach effectively and deal with the consequences.