Control your left brain

Most people in creative businesses are right-brained.

The cornerstones of your success? Delivering vibrant design, creativity, innovation, working with people, delighting clients.

Managing the business end of work is always going to be more challenging. The conundrum is that creative firms can get complicated quite quickly - lots of clients, lots of jobs underway, complicated workflows, a tendency for "feast and famine" cycles, time management issues.

PYXI can provide a simple way to untangle this business admin from your creative work, so you can focus on what generates value, knowing that the left-brained stuff is under control. See our sector case study below, or go straight to our Pricing and Sign Up page.

A successful website development company with a reputation for high quality design and friendly service...

  • many projects underway and in development all the time
  • a constant pipeline of evolving sales opportunities
  • several hundred historical clients
  • ongoing maintenance, upgrades, hosting and renewals

... whose business admin was becoming a perpetual firefight...

  • managing a heady mix of calendar events and spreadsheets
  • files and information scattered everywhere (and with anyone)
  • opportunities being missed

PYXI helped simplify and control...

  • made customer information, projects and opportunities visible and manageable in one place
  • added tags to projects to help with workflow and communication
  • put in place simple tracking of contact notes against each customer
  • facilitated easy sharing of information between colleagues

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PYXI is helping this creative business preserve more time for creative work

  • administration is much more under control so there is less firefighting and fewer interruptions
  • the company can build on its friendly relationships with customers by assuring a better day-to-day service
  • a switch to a pro-active renewal and upgrade process has helped create a secure "bread and butter" income stream

PYXI: Effective and economical business control for your creative business.

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