What Are The Benefits Of PYXI?

PYXI saves you time so you can serve your customers better and focus on things that matter.

The benefits are best illustrated by what our users say:

"We've used PYXI to join up different parts of our business. Simply having all the information about our customers and projects in one place and accessible at the touch of a button is invaluable."

"With PYXI, a lot of the info previously stuck in peoples' heads and scattered across the business in endless spreadsheets… ends up shared properly across the business."

"It's remarkable how much we've always known about our customers but haven't communicated. I'm spending less time putting out fires - there are fewer last minute surprises. It scares me to think how much time we wasted just trying to find information."

"We use simple tagging in PYXI to categorise our data - it's great that I can search so easily, say, for a customer in Southampton whose name I forget, and then with a couple of clicks get right to the history of what we've done with them and access the last proposal ."

"We use PYXI all the time. It is a single source for all our business information. It helps to manage clients and projects, store notes about things we need to deal with, and helps with our team working, giving us all access to the information we need, wherever we are. It's integral to how we work and we wouldn't be without it. "

"It feels like there's a bit of daylight been let in. I may even get home at a decent time!"