Article 30 Record Keeping for GDPR

Auditing your use of Personal Data

Did you know that, under Article 30 of the GDPR, you might have a mandatory requirement to maintain a record of all personal data processing activities under your responsibility?​

At PYXI, we believe it is best practice to maintain records of all your personal data processing (irrespective of your obligation) as you will derive multiple benefits including:

  • GDPR Article 30 compliance
  • Improved Information Governance posture - know what data you have, where and why it is stored and leverage value out of that data
  • Visualization of Personal Data Repositories & Data Sources
  • Improved readiness for amendments to current and future data protection regulation
  • Improved Subject Access Request management
  • Improved Data Breach management

GDPR Compliance Checklist

Our GDPR Compliance Records Checklist quickly shows you the outstanding tasks you have on your GDPR compliance journey.

Article 30 Checklist - PYXI for GDPR

PYXI for GDPR provides a user-friendly workflow to help you build and maintain your Article 30 records.

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More Detail about PYXI Software for GDPR

Keeping Track of Personal Data in your Organisation

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Managing Subject Access Requests

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Managing Data Breaches for GDPR

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Free GDPR Templates

We've written 3 Free GDPR Compliance Templates for you to download here and start using right away. Although we obviously would like you to use our software to manage your GDPR compliance as we think it's going to be ultimately easier to use, more comprehensive and more flexible, we also know that you may just want to get things rolling by starting small.