About Us - The PYXI Team

PYXI Group Ltd is run by a team of individuals who bring a broad range of skills and experience across multiple disciplines. Much of what we do is about bringing some of the best practices and ideas from large enterprise software systems and processes and making these available to smaller enterprises. We like helping UK SMEs to be more efficient and profitable.

Nigel Dahl - MD - PYXI Group LtdNigel Dahl - Managing Director

Nigel is our founder and Managing Director.  He has a long and varied career working initially as an accountant in practice, then running his first software business which developed accounting software.  Later he moved into working on big accounting and reporting systems in large organisations across multiple industries.  A good proportion of that time has been spent in and around just about every major bank in the UK and beyond.

After co-founding, running then selling a specialist consultancy with 70 staff, he turned his attention to building PYXI and our CRM and GDPR products.

Nigel is passionate about bringing his ‘big company’ experience to bear in providing better solutions to help small to medium-sized businesses to operate more efficiently.  He believes that any business should organise itself so that the regular, repeatable ‘process’ stuff happens without keeping you up at night, so you can spend your time on what you really do best for your customers and clientele.

Before he settled down with his wife and their dog, Nigel used to travel a lot.  He back-packed around the world and once went from Guildford to Hong Kong by train, with a few changes along the way.  He claims he can order ‘two large beers please’ in at least ten different languages.

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Jon Sloper - Founder and Director of PYXI Group LtdJon Sloper - Director

Jon has been running his own digital marketing and online business solutions business for 25 years, as a sole trader and then a limited company.

He has worked with hundreds of small businesses across the UK, providing expert marketing, web design, social media and business administration support. His software development skills have led to the creation of many bespoke online business solutions in a wide variety of sectors. These have included building training tools, membership administration, financial record-keeping, HR record keeping and training, e-learning platforms, event management systems, online magazine publications, ecommerce solutions, accommodation booking systems, business directories, community networking, social media marketing automation, and dozens more. His experience encompasses public sector, healthcare, real estate, education, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, agriculture, events, creative arts, finance, tourism, voluntary, charity and community sectors.

Jon's role in PYXI is to make a bridge between the grass roots experiences of small businesses and the smart use of technology that can be brought over from large enterprise approaches to business administration and systems. His experience of the SME market means that Jon usually provides the reality check to ensure the new software developments are appropriate and applicable to the small business sector. He's also passionate about eradicating "consultancy-speak" from everything we do, and keeping our language rooted in the everyday experience of small businesses across the UK. Jon provides the specialist marketing and networking experience to drive the business forward and build engagement with the software and PYXI brand.

Jon is heavily involved with his local community in Dorchester, where he supports many local groups, businesses and charities with his professional expertise.

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Phil Baxter - DirectorPhil Baxter - Director

Phil takes a commercial role at PYXI, working with customers to ensure our software solutions provide great value and business benefits.

His varied business career started in management consultancy, where he helped international clients like Ray-Ban to reshape their complex supply chains, whilst racking up a lot of Air Miles.

After setting up, running and selling his own consulting firm, Phil got involved directly in mergers and acquisitions – he’s sold nearly a dozen independent firms in the UK to buyers around the world.

In common with his colleagues at PYXI, Phil is passionate about the small business sector, and in particular how smaller firms can adopt best practice across their business, and how they can use digital technology to gain a competitive edge.

Outside of work, Phil is hugely outnumbered by his four daughters and wife, and essentially runs a charitable Uber-like service, just for his family.

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