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Get all your google search rankings instantly and automatically with our FREE *magic* spreadsheet!

On old proverb says that necessity is the mother of invention. And because of my laziness, I didn't want to spend hours tracking our google search rankings ... which led us to the spreadsheet we're sharing today!

Here's what you can do:

  1. enter your keywords / phrases (once) into the spreadsheet
  2. open the spreadsheet whenever you want to get a live snapshot of your google search ranking for each phrase
  3. track your progress over time and plan your marketing accordingly

Open free google results spreadsheet

This uses google  spreadsheets and drive - I believe you need a free google account to make and save changes.

Here's the very friendly URL:

Open free google results spreadsheet

When you're in, click File then Make A Copy to get started. There are some instructions inside the sheet but I'll be amazed if you can't just use it straight away. We populated it with one of our own tests for PYXI.

With due thanks to gov.uk for some of the original formulae.

It's so magic, I'm going to risk our MD's wrath and post a very small pixie:

Please let us know how you get on - and feed back to us on any technical issues. 


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Published: 27-06-14 by Phil Baxter

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