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Free Business Administration Software Trial from PYXI

You can try out PYXI business administration software free for a month with no strings attached.

Free Business Admin software trial from PYXITake advantage of our quick signup to get started with PYXI, and make a start on organising your business online.

You can start benefiting from using PYXI within just a few minutes of signing up:

  • Consolidate all your customer and supplier contact records
  • Store all your business contacts' details against their companies' records
  • Make notes about all the projects you're working on and attach them to your contact and company records on PYXI

Then simply use PYXI's super-fast search to retrieve the related data whenever you need it; adding more information and contact notes whenever you want to keep a record of the work that you're doing...

Suddenly, all your fragmented data starts to come together in a useful cluster of information that is easy to update and tells you exactly what's going on with a project whenever you need to know. And did we mention that you can log into PYXI from wherever you are; work, home or out at a client meeting?

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Published: 09-02-14 by Jon Sloper

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