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Make sure you describe your VALUE to customers Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015

I just love networking with small businesses, and often use otherwise dead minutes (such as train travel) to exchange ideas in online business forums. It's good to get a feel for the challenges people are facing and help in some way if possible... more
value proposition, unlocking customer value

Using PYXI to manage your customers Friday, 07 Nov 2014

Managing your relationships with customers is a critical task for any small business. You've probably heard of or come across CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as a tool to help. We're strong believers in the appropriate use ... more
small business, pyxi, customers, crm

Find time to work ON your construction business, not IN it! Monday, 03 Nov 2014

As an owner or manager of a small businesses in the construction industry, you've found yourself in the middle of some tough business challenges and decisions. Whilst the destruction resulting from the financial crisis may well be in the rear-... more
construction, operations, crm

6 benefits of CRM to small business Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014

On occasion, we pick up a discussion about whether a small business should invest in technology - for example by implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. The logic of the 'No' argument for a small business is straight... more
small business, crm, customer management, crm software, crm business case

Here comes the flood! (with free business continuity template...) Friday, 10 Oct 2014

Business continuity might not be the most interesting subject in the world, but it is important. Having watched the floodwaters rise again this week, we were inspired to share a template for planning for the worst - click on the image to download.... more
small business, start ups, best practice, free template for business continuity

Normalising your profits when selling your business Friday, 03 Oct 2014

At a fairly early stage in discussions with any party that's interested in acquiring your business, you're going to have to give information on your profits. Depending on your size, it could be that your financials are already in the publi... more
small business, company sale, profits

How to use PYXI to manage your HR records Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014

As a small business, one of the early administration burdens you'll face is management of your personnel records. PYXI business management software offers a competitive alternative to expensive and stand-alone HR software (and to your existing ... more
small business, hr software, hr management, training records

Money can't buy you love, but buy me a beer and I'll pretend to be your friend. Thursday, 04 Sep 2014

As you're all just back from holidays (not us... we never rest), we thought we'd kick-start our small business blog with a nice easy post. According to our friends at www.cxrm.co.uk, it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as... more
small business, client management, sales

Secrets* of the UK small business sector Friday, 29 Aug 2014

Here's an infographic summarising our recent survey into whether UK smallbiz is chaotic or ordered: *strict definition of secret depends on whether you already know something. Sign Up for our Small Business Ideas Newsletter ... more
small business, start ups, best practice, experience

Set and Forget Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014

As we're in - or close to - the summer holiday season, here are a few little tips for using PYXI to help you manage at this time of year. Use PYXI task list to set up actions for when you're back An easy tip this one - build your 'back... more
small business, start ups, best practice, experience

Get all your google search rankings instantly and automatically with our FREE *magic* spreadsheet! Friday, 27 Jun 2014

On old proverb says that necessity is the mother of invention. And because of my laziness, I didn't want to spend hours tracking our google search rankings ... which led us to the spreadsheet we're sharing today! Here's what you can do:... more
free google sheet, get google search rankings, free seo tool

Chaos is a friend of mine Monday, 16 Jun 2014

Can we grab three minutes of your day to complete our survey? https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YB7LVCL We're trying to get a benchmark of whether small businesses are in order, or in chaos! CHAOS chats coats costs coses codes cides aides aide... more
small business, survey, order, chaos

Black Cat Sandwich Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014

Of all the personality types out there, the Black Cat is one of the hardest ones to deal with. You know the sort: if you've seen a black cat, he's seen a blacker one. If you have a black cat in your business, it's unlikely you feel too... more
problem people, hr

Six ways to do less work and watch more football, without missing stuff Thursday, 05 Jun 2014

The 2014 World Cup is nearly upon us. Here are six tips for PYXI users to give a welcome boost to productivity during the tournament: use PYXI anywhere: as long as you have a web browser, you can log into PYXI to access and manage your business i... more
world cup

How to develop a client plan to drive growth Wednesday, 04 Jun 2014

Growing your existing clients is a low-risk, high reward way to grow your overall business - but it's not always absolutely apparent where to start. Below we describe a framework for developing a client plan. When we implemented a version of th... more
small business, client planning, selling

The bombshell lurking in your financial plans Tuesday, 03 Jun 2014

According to Evan Carmichael, as many as four in five small businesses don't have a business plan. At all. So one in five of you reading this is probably feeling a bit smug. But should you be? A key objective of your business plan should be to... more
small business, start ups, business planning

The first 7 things to do when selling your company Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Selling your company can be quite complex. Before you even consider entering a process, it is worth considering a few fundamentals, getting some objective advice, and dealing with items that otherwise have the potential to bottleneck you later. Th... more
small business, sale, tips, selecting advisors

How to get your business documentation in shape Tuesday, 27 May 2014

We blogged recently about the way you might deal with an unsolicited approach from a prospective buyer. If a company sale is anywhere near to being on your radar, it's not too early to get prepared - including getting your house-in-order regard... more
small business, due diligence, pyxi, storefinduse

A secret strategy to put a price on your business Thursday, 22 May 2014

A significant proportion of company sales are originated by a buyer making an unsolicited approach. If you've a successful business with a strong value proposition, it could easily happen to you. You should consider what you'd do under tho... more
small business, company sale, valuation

How to promote high performance behaviours in your appraisal process Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Most small businesses start out with very informal appraisal processes - when you're 'micro' sized, you spend a lot of time working alongside your colleagues, so it's relatively easy to give (and receive) constructive feedback on per... more
small business, personal development process, behaviours, values, culture

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